Writing Without Fear – Before The Pixar Inside Out Movie There Was The Numskulls

Pixar Inside OutIn this Writing Without Fear column we are going to quickly talk about original story ideas, and how their isn’t really any, and how it is all just variations on a theme. This week Pixar is about to release their next animated feature which is called Inside Out, that features animated versions of our emotions sitting in your brain and controlling you – sounds pretty original, eh?

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Marvel at the Pixar styled Superheroes the collectable card editions pretty damn nifty…

Cap-America-PixarAround the time Disney announced they brought Marvel the internet lit up with Disney Characters and Marvel Superheroes mash-ups. Over this period I saw some pretty cool stuff and some not so cool stuff, a lot of creativity to highlight, to parody, to satirize the dangers of Disney controlling a bastion of creativity such as Marvel. Today while knocking around the Internets I stumbled upon Pixar-Style versions of Superheroes and they look pretty damn good… Of course I included Cap which you can see above and another favorite the Phoenix below after the jump. Continue reading

Sneak Peak – Pixar Brave Movie Poster, Teaser Trailer and Synopsis

Pixar Brave Poster 


Brave is Pixars first original (non-sequel) story in the last three years, I like the animation style in the teaser trailer above and its looks like we could be in for a good story. I especially like the Will ‘o the Wisps that pop up in it because of their faye background they could be a force for good or bad. The movie synopsis is after the jump.

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