Geek Girl Gallery – the cosplay GI Joe Baroness photoshoot with Rose from

Rose with a Cobra CarrierI’m a little behind posting these images from the Baroness photoshoot with Rose from; the shoot took place during the Otakon event here in Baltimore in August and at the same time we did the Bellatrix shoot. Enjoy and be sure to check out Rose’s website it is full of retro 80’s goodness. Gallery is after the jump. Continue reading

Yay! Otakon Photo Flash Mob of Two total fail but in a fun way :)

Well I did say the success or failure of this impromptu event would fall on the participants spreading the word, sadly the 2011 Otakon Photo Flash Mob was a sum total of two people who I thanked  very much for turning up, because it did go stupidly hot out there. So we can discount this as an Epic Fail. Oh well… Always next year, right? Or try one for Baltimore Comic Con? Anyhow, the last picture in the small gallery below is of the flash mob participants, the remaining shots I took while waiting for something big to happen before I retreated back to delights of AC, enjoy 😉

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