My thoughts on the Fear Itself event and preview of issue #5 Do you fear Marvel has lost the plot?

Fear Itself Captain America Promo ImageI was asked via email what my problem was with Fear Itself. I wish it was a simple answer but it isn’t. I think it comes down to vapid plot over character, with a incoherent event book and the Spider-Island previews prove this event really does not matter a damn in the Marvel universe.

Since then I stumbled-upon the preview of the first five pages of Fear Itself #5. Now I’m questioning if I should even pick it up. Check out this preview over on Bleeding Cool News by clicking this link –

Yeah… That’s right it’s hammer time… Normally this would excite me, but it doesn’t. I should not be feeling this way about an Comic Event book; I should be excited by Fear Itself not bored. The book is going for shock over story and is turning into Marvel’s 616 Ultimatum. How long before the Blob eats someone just to get that extra sale? Look how well that turned out for the Ultimate universe in the end, effective that event almost killed an entire line of books. Continue reading

Two very easy peasey Indie Author promotion tips

I’ve been on the Indie writer train for over a year now and the one thing I don’t like doing is promotion work on the internet.  We as writers have an inherent problem selling ourselves and our work, even I find it uncomfortable and I’ve had many jobs as a salesman; literally selling sand to Arabs. Truth be told I would rather be writing than finding ways to sell my books and getting the word out about them. I also know I’m not the only Indie who has this feeling too, so today I’m going to share two easy peasey promotion tips to help ease this awkwardness. Check out these two tips after the jump.

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#RoyalWedding 2011 – HRH Prince William & Catherine Middleton my thoughts

I am by no means a royalist and many times in the last few weeks I’ve been asked my thoughts about the upcoming Royal Wedding. I guess it’s because I am English and assumed to have some vested interest in it. In a way I do, they are my Royal family, they are what makes my home country so different to many others, in a way they belong to me and I am still a subject of the crown.

I do feel pride talking about the Royal family, it’s long history, and their very special place in British constitution. A Head of State without any of the burdens of running that state, sounds powerless, but is an immensely powerful position should the need be. I take pride knowing that every member of the Royal Family has served in the Armed Forces, many taking part in frontline actions. To see them risking their lives, and their son’s and daughters; when really they have no need too is inspiring and a lesson some in power in other countries could well learn.

However, in all honesty I don’t feel anything about this marriage, I think it is fantastic that two young and seemingly well balanced people are getting married, and that this marriage seems to be built on a genuine relationship and love. I wish them well and hope the marriage lasts through all the enormous outside pressures that will come to bear. Bon chance to them both… Now where was my invitation? Lost in the mail I suppose, eh?

Why I hate Black Friday Sales – Door Busters Idiots

Today I found myself outside Target at 3.20am waiting for the Black Friday sale to begin. This broke a seven year long formed habit of avoiding these events, and although I had a good reason to be here, there were a number of reminders why I hate Black Friday sales.

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Politics are a Joke…

You will have to excuse this mini-rant, remember I am from a very different country from most of you and see politics here in a much different light.

Last night we were watching the News, checking for closures after the aftermath of Tropical Storm Nicole and generally seeing what damage this huge rain storm did to our local area (we got off light only 5″ of rain). When the commercial break came on, as its election season it was campaign ad after campaign ad, and you know what I noticed?

Not one ad told me what that candidate stood for, all it told me was how badly the other person smelled, how they drank coffee from the wrong side of the cup, parted his hair differently, owned a car with three wheels, how different they were to you, that they wanted power over you and therefore are bad (anyone who notices that irony in that last statement). We are heading into a very important election mid-term here in and I have no idea what policies or even ideals any of them are running on. Its all slam, slam, slam… Nothing of any substance, nothing to mark one candidate from the other…

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