Writing Without Fear – Write Your Story No Matter The Character You Choose

Nick and Tristan the Teddy Bear at VA Comic ConWelcome to my third Writing Without Fear article, this is my exploration of the world of writing, of creating and building your own characters, and telling your own stories.

Today’s commentary and exploration of writing was prompted by this article ‘The 3 Reasons Why Indies Should Never Use Superheroes‘ that was knocking around my Facebook feed at the start of the week. Continue reading

Op-Ed Cosplay Stop Making The Comic Book Creators The Enemy… Mutual Respect Yo!

Warning... I sense a strong opinion ahead...

Warning… I sense a strong opinion ahead…

After my blog about the disruption of Deadpooly and VA Comic Con I had promised myself I would not talk about the supposed war of Cosplay V Creators.

But…I was directed to an article posted on The Atlantic ‘The Comic Book Guys Quivering in Fear of Cosplay‘ and I got really upset. Continue reading

So a Black Captain America and a Female Thor, eh?

The Falcon Sam Wilson - Captain AmericaIt has been an interesting couple of weeks in the House of Ideas, Marvel has passed on the shield of Captain America (again) and we are going to be introduced to a new Thor (again). Since Cap is one of my favorite Superhero characters you just know I have some thoughts on this. Continue reading

Batman v Superman Movie Title ‘Dawn of Justice’ and Logo Revealed… Ermm… Well… Yeah…

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

I think the graphic sums it up – the Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice (official title), ,now has an official logo and principle photography is beginning. I find myself singly unexcited about this movie, and now we have this double-barreled movie title that reads like a direct-to-video animation release. I am questioning does DC know what they are doing anymore? Continue reading

Why are the proposed changes in the FCC Net Neutrality rules bad?

FCCLast week the FCC voted to discuss and vote on proposals to change the way the internet works forever in the USA. The proposal is a two-speed  internet, a paid for fast lane and one for everyone else and already if you can’t see how that is a bad thing then… this blog is not for you. Continue reading