My first public speaking engagment I talk to 5th Graders about why I write and why we are nation of storytellers

Engaging 5th Graders - How hard can it be?

Engaging 5th Graders – How hard can it be?

I have never done this before, sure it is easy talking to people one-on-one at conventions, but I have never stood up in front of a large group of people and talked. Today I undertook my first ever public speaking engagement.  I was invited to talk to my stepson’s 5th Grade class for their Author Tea Event to talk about writing, why I write, why we are a nation of storytellers and why they should write. Continue reading

OUT NOW!!! The Princess Archer’s adventures continue in The Wonder Tales Issue 10 – The Golden Comb

The Golden Comb

The Wonder Tales Issue #10 – The Golden Comb

Out Now!!!

Live the adventure and magic of Once Upon a time… The Princess Archer adventures continue in a land far, far away in Issue 10 of The Wonder Tales ‘The Golden Comb’  Continue reading

Altworld is all about changing your reality and we’ve only just begun

WondersIhaveseenOver the last three years here at Altworld we have battled shadowy creatures on the dark streets of Baltimore in the Tether Saga, rode the magic of Once Upon a Time in the Ninth Kingdom in The Wonder Tales, delved into grimness of Steampunk with Flight of the Phoenix, glimpsed moments of altered reality with Flash Fiction shorts,  jumped the madness of writers block with the unique mashup of comic book and narrative prose in Exposition, witnessed the horror of war with Sigmartyr and followed a brave Teddy Bear who defends his child from the Monsters under the Bed in A Teddy Bear Tale. It has been quite a ride into my imaginings and we’ve only just begun… Mount up my friends, here in 2013 I start changing your reality as I bring you even more wonders I have seen… You ready for this?