Checking the facts, has President Obama signed over 1000 executive orders?

Barack ObamaI recently had a conversation with a friend of mine, it somehow got into politics as my friend was a Libertarian (a self-defeating political belief that will land you straight into serfdom) and how Obama has signed more Executive Orders than any other USA President in history. I didn’t think this was true, but didn’t want to get into a political argument about it, so I deflected and changed the subject.

Frankly it felt like one of those made-up facts the far-right and those almost too far-gone make up. This ‘executive order fact’ of course niggled at me… So… Today with a little help from Google I did some fact checking, could it be true? Find out after the jump. Continue reading

Here is a clue Operation American Spring it is not a revolution when you lie #OAS #OperationAmericanSpring

The Operation American Spring Crowd Picture

The Operation American Spring Proof of Crowd Picture – False

I don’t normally get political on my website, this is after all a place of entertainment, nerd talk and for me to showcase¬†my works-in-progress, and general life stuff. But… When something really annoys me I find it hard to stay silent… And Operation American Spring (OAS) has done just that they have lied.

The Lie

OAS intention was to march 10 million people into DC, force the Government to succeed and then appoint People of Principle Tribunals to advocate their type of Government. The picture above was posted on Twitter and a lot of newsgroups as proof of the crowds attending OAS, and that they were being blacked out by the Media (including shock horror РFox News).

Problem is, the picture above is from the 1968 Dr Martin Luthor King Poor People Campaign, I guess they felt using a 46 year old picture would mean no one would check and they would get validation as a movement. Continue reading