A thank you, but no thank you as I continue the manuscript submission game…

The dream of traditional publishing continues… Some of you may have remembered an odd Twitter by me made over three months ago about making a Hail Mary pass with A Teddy Bear Tales. It was as this time I decided to submit A Teddy Bear Tales to Archaia publishing an emerging publisher of amazing alternative titles like Mouse Guard, Tale of Sand and Rust. I noted at the time they were expended their all ages tales books and figured my little story about a quietly heroic Teddy Bear would be a great fit.

So I filled out the submission form, sent in the book, made a tweet, crossed my fingers and got on with things. Three long months later I got this reply… (which you can read after the jump) Continue reading

Coming to an Anthology near you…

Everything is fun if you just add Ninjas

Over the last month my fellow members of the 3C writing group and myself have been working towards producing an Anthology novel for the month of April. The collective theme of this project was The Cruelest Month, from the line April is the cruelest month from The Waste Land by TS Eliot.

While I admit the theme doesn’t lend itself to the most cheery of subjects I was determined to have fun with it. Throughout most of February and March I have been working on first set of Wonder Tales, my collection of all ages fairy tales. So this was a good opportunity to write something for an older age group and get back into the swing of things.

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