The 2017 Alt World Studios Publishing Wish List

Welcome To Alt World StudiosHello Everybody Peeps, we are in the final weeks of 2016 and it is time to look ahead at the wish list of books I would like to publish in 2017 and what we actually got done in 2016, so after the jump lets take a look at what is done, what we want to do, and where we are going with Alt World Studios in 2017.

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AWESOME!!! The Totally Ninjas! T-Shirts Now Available On Teepublic

Totally Ninjas Girl Power!AWESOME NEWS!!! The Totally Ninja T-Shirts are now available in the Altworld Teepublic Store! Continue reading

Fabula Zero Exposition the graphic novel mashup of comic and prose is reviewed by Time for Hugs

Time for Hugs Fabula Zero Exposition ReviewTime for Hugs, a website run by Scott Markley, author/artist of the Unconscious the Grim Sleeper and writer of the popular blog Watching William reviewed by graphic novel homage to Superheroes and the comic book industry Fabula Zero Exposition. While this is the most unique graphic novel on the market it is hard book to explain; you seriously just have to read it. Check out Time for Hugs Fabula Zero Exposition review in full here.

Fabula Zero Exposition – Not A Superhero Comic Book

Fabula Exposition CoverFabula Zero Exposition
Available now for only $6.99.

What would you do if you found yourself inside a comic book?

Well Jack knows…

Even Jack will admit he isn’t having a great month. After finally getting his dream job as lead writer on the Captain Avenger comic his inspiration runs dry. With a submission deadline looming his editor on his back and no sleep for days he tries to hash out a story with little success. Then things really start to turn strange; Jack’s characters start popping up in his life and he finds himself caught up in action straight out of the pages of a comic book.  Continue reading

A thank you, but no thank you as I continue the manuscript submission game…

The dream of traditional publishing continues… Some of you may have remembered an odd Twitter by me made over three months ago about making a Hail Mary pass with A Teddy Bear Tales. It was as this time I decided to submit A Teddy Bear Tales to Archaia publishing an emerging publisher of amazing alternative titles like Mouse Guard, Tale of Sand and Rust. I noted at the time they were expended their all ages tales books and figured my little story about a quietly heroic Teddy Bear would be a great fit.

So I filled out the submission form, sent in the book, made a tweet, crossed my fingers and got on with things. Three long months later I got this reply… (which you can read after the jump) Continue reading