Passed a Milestone 100 Cuddly Sketch Cards Complete

A Cuddly Eleventh Doctor & Amy by Nick Davis

About six months ago I picked up a pencil and started drawing again after a very, very long time of leaving my skills dormant. Now I’ve passed a new milestone and completed my 100th Cuddly Sketch Card. That is one hundred unique watercolor illustrations of some of your favorite  Superheroes, Villains and other popular characters a little furrier than you would normal remember them… So to celebrate this milestone enjoy the gallery of all 100 Cuddly Sketch Cards. Continue reading

Meet the Cuddly Heroes… 52 Furry Comic, Pop culture and Computer Game Characters…

Cuddly Hero Sketch Card Prints

Cuddly Hero Sketch Card Prints by Nick Davis

Well I did it, I did it! The last month I’ve been busy, along with job searching, life errands, interviews, worrying about my future, worrying about my children; I’ve been churning out 52 individual hand drawn, watercolored Teddy & Bunny versions of some of mine and your’s favorite Comic, Pop culture and Computer Game characters. I am quite proud of myself, as these represent to me a journey back to picking up a pencil and brush for the first time in…

These Cuddly Heroes are available as Trading Prints cards here and direct from our Indie Artist Booth at Wizard World Philly giving you another excuse to come check out A Teddy Bear Tale and the works of Dan Nokes. You can check out all the Cuddly Heroes in the gallery after the jump…

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Happy Mothers Day to my wife Jean a small gift for you…


Jean by Nick Davis

Happy Mothers Day to my wife Jean, I don’t have the coin for roses or chocolates, all I have is my head, heart and hands I hope you enjoy gift that I’ve poured my small talent into. A humble little gift on this day that celebrates Mothers everywhere.

A roller coaster year that was 2011

Roller CoasterHere we are sitting on the cusp of a new year,  by the time this  blog posts it will be about twelve hours before we hit 2012 and I thought this would be a good time to look back at what has been a roller coaster year for me and my family. If you are interested in reading more I will see you after the jump. Continue reading

A quick sketch of me meeting Tristan the Teddy Bear on his own stage

Nick & TristanToday I lay a quick sketch challenge at the door of A Teddy Bear Tale artist Dan Nokes, to draw Tristan the Teddy Bear and myself giving the thumbs up. True to his challenge wording Dan took the image and ran with it to produce thewonderful illustration above; thank you Dan.

You can Pre-Order A Teddy Bear Tale by clicking here, or Like the Facebook page by clicking here. You can hit up Dan for a quick sketch of your own by clicking here and don’t forget to RSVP for the debut release book signing for a Teddy Bear Tale by clicking here.