The Alt World Publishing Wish List For 2016

What is coming in 2016We are a month away from finishing our crazy 2015 race around the sun and I am finishing the year with the publication of the Cuddly Defenders Comic: Out Of The Attic 2. Not a bad finish for an Indie Creator with limited funds and resources… And now with 2016 not to far what will this new year bring? Continue reading

England And France Reveal The Stunning Secret To Defeating the Terrorists Daeseh

Wembley Stadium - England v FranceWith the News Media here in the USA unable to report the recent Terrorist attacks in Paris, (forgetting about the attacks in Beirut and Kenya,) without sensationalize it. Watching the Newscasters trying to find ways to make us feel afraid, spreading anything they hear about the Terrorist like they are reporting on the Kardashians, this desperate race to grab ratings over these events is equally sad and pathetic to watch. What they forget to do is report the positive things that have happened that give the finger to the Terrorist and is the secret to defeating Daesh.  Continue reading

News Release – Tristan the Teddy Bear Goes to Hollywood

Tristan, Wilma and Fernando ride the Teddy Bear Tales Toy Train

Tristan, Wilma and Fernando ride the Teddy Bear Tales Toy Train

Tuesday, September 30 2014 – Tristan the Teddy Bear, the Teddy Bear Tales, Wilma, Archer and Fernando of the Cuddly Defenders and the Imagination Adventure books were signed up on Friday, September 25, 2014 by a Hollywood Literary Agent from a successful Agency with a track history of getting properties produced, and on the screen. Continue reading

The Return of Peter Parker in Marvel Now Amazing Spider-Man #1

The Amazing Spider-man Issue One

The Amazing Spider-man #1

After 30 issues of Superior Spider-Man, it has been declared by Dan Slott that Peter Parker is coming back to reclaim his body, and will return in Amazing Spider-Man #1 in April. You can read the news on Comic Book Resources here. Continue reading

Rest In Peace Happily Ever Art Indie Creator K. Michael Crawford you are going to be dearly missed

Happily Ever Art of K Michael Crawford

Happily Ever Art of K Michael Crawford

I received some sad news my friends, I have learned that the creator of Happily Ever Art has passed. Karen Michael Crawford was a mainstay at many of the conventions I attended, a lively wonderful amazing woman under a huge Pith Hat who encouraged me to keep pushing my stories and spread the joy of art, and whimsy.  I still remember the last time we talked about teaming up to get a Tent at the Baltimore Book Festival to run a collective Childrens book/comic booth. She really is one of the reasons I kept pushing my all-ages stories of whimsy and wonder…  Why I kept exploring the Tristan’s world… She will. be.. No…  We will all miss her… My deepest condolences to her family.

Continue reading