A Creative End Of The Year Review

Altworld Studios - Trip Around The SunHere we are, just over 36 hours away from the end of 2019, and starting 2020 and a brand new decade… wow… This new year will mark my third decade living here in the USA and the second decade since the creation of my Altworld website. Also completes another journey around the sun for us all, while we clip along at 67,000mph on this starship Earth. Join me after the jump for a mini-review of the year.

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Another Race Around The Sun With That Was The Year That Was 2015

Here comes 2016!Hey Everybody Peeps! We survived another trip around the sun and what a really odd year this has been for me. First off,  thank you all for coming on this journey, for reading my ramblings and for buying my work… It is really, sincerely appreciated!!! Continue reading

Surviving a Trip around the Sun a Slightly Foggy Look Back at 2013

Over the Hedge Cartoon StripGosh, the year is almost run and as I sit here to write my year in review there is only 2 Calender days left until 2014 starts its long march. Since most of you are still with me it appears we’ve largely survived our yearly trip around the sun, it is that time I review (rather hazily) the last years events. See you after the jump. Continue reading

Looking into 2013 with a few Resolutions of what I would like to do…

new-years-resolutions1All things equal on a personal and professional perspective I got a lot of things done during 2012, I’ve advanced the Teddy Bear Tales and giving Tristan more exposure. I’ve also started to figure out what to do with the all ages original fantasy fairy stories the Wonder Tales and looking back at some of my long form stories and thinking about sequels. On a personally level I’ve turned things around from where I was a year ago and have a greater hope for the future for my family here in the USA. I will never stop doing all that I can to be better than I am to be that what those I love see in me. Always stuff to do… But here is a quick to do list for 2013. Continue reading