Geek Girl Gallery – Portraits of my Nerd Girl Jean for

Icon-JeanA couple of years ago Jean was approached by to become a featured Nerd Girl and comic book reviewer. At the time they requested a number of pictures of her as a Nerd Fantasy, as the concept of the website was sexy girls that really were nerds. As far as I can tell the website is no longer online, so I present to you Portraits of my Nerd Girl Jean after the jump of course… Continue reading

Geek Girl Gallery – the cosplay GI Joe Baroness photoshoot with Rose from

Rose with a Cobra CarrierI’m a little behind posting these images from the Baroness photoshoot with Rose from; the shoot took place during the Otakon event here in Baltimore in August and at the same time we did the Bellatrix shoot. Enjoy and be sure to check out Rose’s website it is full of retro 80’s goodness. Gallery is after the jump. Continue reading

Nerd Girl Hottie – Billie Piper a Doctor Companion you cannot forget…

Billie Piper, made famous in the USA for being the companion to Dr Who in the first two seasons of the rebirthed series. The typical girl next door, that turned into a love interest for the Doctor. Cute and sexy, what else do you need from a Nerd Girl Hottie.

Okay, she left Dr Who and did The Diary of a Call Girl series, which well… Had her running around in just her underwear, check out the promo picture after the jump… And your welcome…

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Smallville Allison Mack, its always the quiet ones, eh?

Allison Mack a nerd girl delight

The lovely Allison Mack, or aka Chloe Sullivan a true highlight of Smallville and the girl that grew into her own in this sometimes lack-luster series. So what is the fuss about this girl? Well she  is cute, she is nerdy… What else can you ask for?