Another Race Around The Sun With That Was The Year That Was 2015

Here comes 2016!Hey Everybody Peeps! We survived another trip around the sun and what a really odd year this has been for me. First off,  thank you all for coming on this journey, for reading my ramblings and for buying my work… It is really, sincerely appreciated!!! Continue reading

Let Me Tell You A Story About A Friend Of Mine

Let Me Tell You A StoryThey say evil flourishes when good people do nothing, nothing is more true than the times we are living in and the escalating degree of hatred towards the Muslim religion that is rising around us. I am a good person, or at least work hard at trying to be one and I want to tell you a story about a friend of mine who helped me in one of the darkest times in my life, for no other reason than he does good, for the sake of just doing good. Continue reading

Surviving a Trip around the Sun a Slightly Foggy Look Back at 2013

Over the Hedge Cartoon StripGosh, the year is almost run and as I sit here to write my year in review there is only 2 Calender days left until 2014 starts its long march. Since most of you are still with me it appears we’ve largely survived our yearly trip around the sun, it is that time I review (rather hazily) the last years events. See you after the jump. Continue reading

Opinion – When Did it Become Okay to Hate? #NewAEShows

Where did it all go wrong?This has been bothering me for some time, a shift in attitude over the last few years which has become more evident and getting the point you are rewarded the more you hate, the more you spread fear and loathing. Does that seem right? Continue reading

Try my Ramen Noodle Christmas Left Over’s Casserole Recipe

ramen noodle christmas left over casserole

Ramen Noodle Christmas Left Over’s Casserole after the family attacked it for first servings.

Face it… You don’t really want warmed up Turkey/Ham Christmas meal again, but you don’t want those left overs to go to waste, so here is the solution the Altworld Ramen Noodle Casserole Recipe. Trust me your family will love this thrown together moor’ish meal. Continue reading