How Does Hollywood Not Get Superman?

All Star Superman the Man Of SteelAt some point a couple of years before we saw the soulless train-wreck that was Man Of Steel (MoS) the Exec’s running the DC Extended¬†Universe (DCEU) got around a table and decided Superman was not interesting enough, that he had to be more edgy, less super, less good, more like Batman. The movie should be dark, depressing, meaningless and above all the DCEU Superman must not be seen rescuing any innocent bystanders in the finale fight… Oh, and he has to kill Zod because audiences expect that type of closure. Continue reading

So Ben Affleck is going to be Batman in the World Finest Movie – Batman Vs Superman is this really a bad thing?

Ben Affleck as BatmanI just watched my entire Facebook/Twitter feed light up with the news of Ben Affleck being cast as the next Batman. While I say it was surprise that this name was even in the hat for this role. Pairing Affleck with Batman would have never been on my casting radar. But… You know he did okay as Daredevil, he portrayed a believable driven vigilante in a movie that was let down by poor plotting, pacing, direction, sense of story or purpose. Continue reading