More Monster under the bed concepts, a Goblin, a Kobold and a Blue Skin

Dan has been working overtime this week producing concept sketches of all the Monsters under the bed alongside his Quick Sketch Challenge. Through Friday he started to explore the Goblins, Kobolds and the Blue Skins, while the images in the gallery after the jump are not the final look they go a long way into what we are looking to do with Unconditional.

This is after all a tale of a Teddy Bear who is fighting the Monsters under the Bed to protect his Boy; written with a slight nod towards Roald Dahl. So the Monsters are really unpleasant little critters, gleefully evil, in some cases very manic and spiteful.  Continue reading

New Monster from under the bed emerges meet the Slobbering Slobs from Unconditional A Teddy Bear’s Tale

Monster under the Bed - The Slobbering SlobsDan Nokes continues to stretch his imagination to come up with the glorious twisted shapes of the Monsters under the bed, in this image he puts forth the first image of the Slobbering Slobs, a cowardly monsters with an incredibly messy habit, can you guess what it is? Although all the Monsters are still in conceptual stages Dan is doing a great job knocking them on the head. Continue reading

An Unconditional quick sketch by Dan Nokes featuring the second Monster under the Bed… The No Noses

Tristan the Teddy Bear vs the No NoseDan Nokes is currently working on the concept sketches for the Monsters under the Bed for Unconditional, above is a possible image for the Monster known as the No Nose.  Continue reading

From Unconditional the first of the Monsters from under the Bed appear introducing the No Names…

No Name MonsterThe work for Unconditional – A Teddy Bear’s Tale continues and the first Monster roles off the sketch pad of Dan Nokes. Introducing to you the No Names, a Monster from under the bed that is so low on the monster totem pole they have no name; Dan has captured this Monsters anonymity perfectly. Continue reading