Tristan the Teddy Bear, now a little Bear at a whole new scale

Tristan's Assemble!

Tristan’s Assemble!

With great thanks to the amazing sculpting skills of the Sweets Fairy I can now bring Tristan and his companions to you at a whole new scale! These 2.5″ hand sculpted Tristan’s are really cool and come as Tristan the Teddy Bear or Tristan the Defender.
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A look at the future with the Master Sculpts for the Monster under the Bed Miniatures

Tristan & No Name Sculpt FrontYou’ve seen Tristan and the No Name Monster appear a number times in updates over the last few months. These two Master Sculpts arrived in my mailbox today and this puts us one step closer to a possible new project for Tristan and the Monsters under the Bed. Continue reading

Found in the Archive – GW The Lord of the Rings Miniatures Arwen and Elrond

The Lord of the Rings - Arwen & ElrondStill going through my miniature archive and I came across this pair of Games Workshop The Lord of the Rings Miniatures, Arwen Evenstar and her father Elrond Half-Elven in his Last Alliance of Elves and Men attire. I had to post them because they were the first LOTR miniatures I painted.

Arwen was painted using Midnight Blue and Skull White for the robes, using both colors mixed in various ways to shade and highlight. Elrond was the first time I attempted to make golden armor more shiny. I painted the armor areas first with Mithril Silver, then with Shining Gold, washed with a light Chestnut Brown and drybrushed with Burnished Gold. Nice miniatures, very detailed would you believe they are only 25mm (One inch) tall.

Another interesting piece of trivia. All The Lord of the Rings miniatures produced by Games Workshop had to be approved by Peter Jackson’s production company, and the actor it represented. Arwen’s miniature kept being returned with supposed note from Liv Tyler saying make it prettier.

Found in the Archive – Thrud the Barbarian, a GW classic miniature

Thrud the Barbarian
Found buried today in my miniature photo archive a Games Workshop classic Citadel Miniature – Thrud the Barbarian. Painted in layered Bronzed and Dwarf Flesh, then shaded using Snakebite Leather, Ole’Pinhead was a lot of fun to paint and the first time I really paid attention to flesh tones.

Thrud the Barbarian has the strength and ferocity of a Rhinoceros. The speed and agility of a Jungle cat. And the intelligence of a Garden Snail.

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Found in the archive… Saruman and Grima a miniature study in black & white

Saruman of many colors and Grima WormtongueIt has been a while since I picked up a Toy Soldier and painted it, but I ran across this picture in my archive that might make me do it again soon. It is Saruman and Grima Wormtongue, from The Lord of the Rings Miniature range by Games Workshop.

I have to say this pair are amongst my favorite miniature paint jobs I’ve ever done. It was study in minimalism and the use of black and white; I tried to make Saruman as pale as possible and Grima as dark as a counter weight.  I used two colors on Saruman, White & Tan, and Grima used Black & Gray. Might have to break these two out of storage and put them back on display.