Found in the Archive – Kroot Shaper the first real alien not to appear in Warhammer

Kroot ShaperThe Kroot are a very unique alien race in Warhammer 40,000 they are amongst the very few who do not have a Warhammer Fantasy Battle analog. I remember first getting the plastics for these aliens and being excited to actually have a very different race in my hands. The Kroot are bird like creatures and look a little like the Predator with their spine like dreadlocks. Learn how I painted my Kroot Shaper after the jump.

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Found in the Archive – Tau Shas’el with Shas’vre Bodyguard return of the Games Workshop Anime Aliens

Shas'el in XV8 Crisis BattlesuitAnother classic dug up from my miniature photo archives; this time my Tau Shas’el in his XV8 Crisis Battle Suit, equipped with ceremonial blade. Looking at the suit you can see several anime influences the prominent being the Blue Gender battle armors.

Painted in the same style as the Tau Fire Warriors, with extra color because he is the commander; he was a simple, but effective model to bring to life. After the jump you can view his Shas’vre bodyguard.
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Found in the Archive – Tau Fire Warriors the Games Workshop Anime Aliens

Tau FirewarriorsToday found deep in my miniature photo archive we have a sqaud of Tau Fire Warriors, proof if you ever need one that Games Workshop harbors a few anime nuts working for them. With organic lines, a distinct alien look and classic anime battlesuits the Tau are a fun straight out of Blue Gender; they are a very odd race to appear in the Warhammer 40,000 universe… Almost too clean.

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Found in the Archive – Games Workshop The Lord of the Rings Miniatures Aragorn and Boromir

Aragorn and Boromir
Continuing my rampage through my archive photos I uncovered Aragorn and Boromir from The Lord of The Rings Fellowship set. Not much to say about these miniatures except I used a muted more realistic palette to paint them and raided the military colors in the Citadel range; and in the books I relate more to Boromir.