Tristan the Teddy Bear #Miniature #Wargaming Toy Soldier Now Painted

Tristan the Teddy Bear Gaming Miniature painted by Nick Davis

Tristan the Teddy Bear Gaming Miniature painted by Nick Davis

Tristan the Teddy Bear Gaming Miniature is the first Toy Soldier I’ve painted for over four years. I believe the last miniature I painted was a Games Workshop Sam Gamgee to complete my Fellowship of the Ring set for the LOTR Strategy Game… Since then, my eyes have got a little older and the majority of my miniature painting gear has well… Disappeared. Continue reading

From the Archive – Attack of the Kroot with KrootOx and Kroothound the Tau Auxiliaries ReKroots of choice

The Tau KrootThe Kroot are the Tau Auxiliaries of choice, although lightly armored the Kroot Kindred’s are a maelstorm of close combat nastiness. Then add the raw power of KrootOx and the viciousness of the Kroot Hounds and they become a juggernaut capable of holding up the flank of any army – which has been the best use of Auxiliaries for centuries.

These Kroot are part of my Tau Cadre which is currently up on Ebay for you to bid one, check out this 1000pts army fully painted and ready to do battle for the greater good by click here.

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From the Archive – The Lord of the Rings Gandalf the Grey miniature

The Lord of the Rings Gandalf  the GreyNo Lord of the Rings miniature collection would be complete without Gandalf the Grey the archetype for fantasy wizards across the entire genre. My Gandalf is from the Games Workshop range of Lord the Rings miniatures and is actually part of the Fellowship of the Ring set. So expect to see some Hobbits in the next couple of weeks.

Gandalf’s robe and hat was painted first using Codex Grey, and then a wash of a 50/50 mix of Chaos Black and Codex Grey. Highlighted first with Codex Grey, and then a light drybrush of Skull White. Flesh tones started using Elf Flesh, lightly washed with Snakebite Leather, and then blended while still wet with Elf Flesh on cheeks and nose. The beard started out as Codex Grey, shaded with the same 50/50 mix as the robes and highlighted through to white. In all a fun miniature to paint and actually a lot easier than he looks. None Shall Pass!

Found in the Archive – They have a Cave Troll as I unbury my Lord of the Rings collection

LOTR Cave Troll“They have a Cave Troll,” one of my favorite lines in The Lords of the Rings movie because it was said in such an offhand manner by Boromir. This Cave Troll is from my LOTR miniature collection, painted to be part of my Moria Goblin warband and at the time was one of the biggest models available in the range.

The dark skin was painted with Blue Grey and washed three times with Armor Wash, then highlighted in a mix of Blue Grey and Chaos Black. The flesh belly tones started with Dwarf Flesh, blended with with SnakeBite Leather while the paint was wet, and the blended again with Dwarf Flesh; to highlight I used Bronzed Flesh. In all a fun miniature to paint and to use in the Games Workshop Lord of the Rings Strategy game.

Found in the Archive – XV88 Tau Broadside Battlesuit designed to bring the rain

XV88 Tau Broadside BattlesuitOkay this is the last look at my photo archive for my small Tau Cadre and we are going to finish off with the XV88 Broadside Battlesuit; designed to bring the rain on the Warhammer 40,000 battlefield. This heavy suit straight out the pages of a mecha manga packs a twin railgun and missile pods, and with the help of the Tau Scouts can bring the hurt to anything within its range. Simply too cool…  Anyway, this suit was painted in the same way as the rest of my Tau Cadre using the same colors to give the army a solid uniform feeling. If you are interested in knowing what paints I used click the tags at the end of this post for my other posts of photos from my Tau army.