Drawing Outside Your Comfortzone – With A Mini-Season Of Unconditional Hugs

Unconditional Hugs - A Teddy Bear And His Boy Adventure Cartoon StripIf you’ve been following along with my ‘Drawing Outside Your Comfortzone‘ articles you would know I’ve been transitioning to Digital Drawing. Over the Christmas period that became a full transition as I was given the opportunity to work with the Apple App – Procreate, with the tools to get the most out of this surprising powerful piece of software. Continue reading

A Look Back In Time At My Longfield High School 1985 Report Card

My Longfield High School Report CardI got a surprise post from my Father back in the UK today, it was a report card from my first year at Longfield High School from way, way back in 1985. I believe I was twelve at the time and my year that came up from Swallowdale, and other surrounding schools, completed the first full complement of students for this new three-year school.  Continue reading

A 52 Step Journey Into Cartoons And Comic Strips With Unconditional Hugs

The Final Unconditional Hugs Comic Strip

The Final Unconditional Hugs Comic Strip

Unconditional Hugs, the comic strip about a Teddy Bear and his Boy comes to an end today, after 52 strips I am closing out what has been a year-long creative journey for me, as I attempted to teach myself how to draw comic strip stories. Continue reading