Patlabor Live-Action Movie Update – Official images have been released

patlabor-posterI am very excited about this, after discovering the unofficial pictures of the life-size Patlabor, the official movie images are starting to turn up. This is fantastic evocative use of the prop with luck we wont be too far away from seeing a trailer 🙂 Continue reading

Live Action Anime Patlabor? Check out this amazing life-size prop Mecha from the Patlabor movie!!!

001I am a huge fan of the Mecha Anime that comes out of Japan, not the super-robot stuff, but the realistic mecha anime like the Police procedure Patlabor, the UC0079 Gundam and Armored Suit Votoms. There is something about the genre I really like, maybe because it is more grounded and the situations are much more realistic because of it.

Now the most grounded of these anime is Patlabor, which is the story of the Mobile Police Patrol Labor Special Vehicles Second Division that is used to combat rogue Labor units.  And I’ve just learned via Bleeding Cool News that they are making a live action Patlabor movie! Continue reading

500 Word Flash Fiction – The Mech and the Captain

IR MechThe first time I met the Captain I was a snotty nosed junior officer just out of the Academy, desperate to see action and assigned as an Observer to the Captains Recon unit. I was told to shut up, do as I was told, stay out-of-the-way and maybe… just maybe… I might get back to HQ with my little war story.

That night the Captain was leading a Recon patrol into Century City to probe the Alliance forces and judge their strength before the Coalition launched its next offensive. Continue reading