My Year in Art Collage – over 150 individual art pieces complete in my second year of picking up a pencil

My 2013 Year in Art Collage

My 2013 Year in Art Collage

I had to put this collage together, I had to see just how much art I had produced over the last year. While compared to some it isn’t that impressive, for me it is quite a collection with over 150 individual pieces. Continue reading

Enter Loki the Teddy Bear, the God of Mischief is now amongst my full-size Cuddly illustrations

Loki Teddy Bear by Nick Davis

Loki Teddy Bear by Nick Davis

Been a busy day, this is my second full-size Teddy Bear comic book character illustrations and after completing my Mighty Thor Teddy Bear I had to have another go at his Brother Loki. Have you been following his progress on Twitter? Continue reading

The Mighty Teddy Bear Thor, making the power of Asgard a little more cuddly

The Mighty Thor Teddy Bear

The Mighty Thor Teddy Bear by Nick Davis

After completing my Little Yellow Boxes Deadpool Teddy Bear I decided when I could I would have a go at a small series of full-size Teddy Bear Superhero illustrations, this time I’ve chosen the Mighty Thor for the Cuddly treatment. The illustration was created on 9×12 cold press watercolor paper using black ink and Derwent inktense pencils. Still some parts are a work in progress, but in all I am quite happy how Teddy Bear Thor turned out

Assemble and marvel at the new Captain America Winter Soldier Teaser Trailer… It is pretty damn good!

Captain America ShieldIt is finally here!!! The Captain America Trailer for the Winter Soldier movie and it looks good… Really good… Just the two minutes you see it is like watching the Ed Brubaker era Cap come to life in front of you. Yes, I know I am a huge Cap fan, but this trailer got me really popping for this movie. Check it out after the jump and you will see why. Continue reading

Fabula Zero Exposition the graphic novel mashup of comic and prose is reviewed by Time for Hugs

Time for Hugs Fabula Zero Exposition ReviewTime for Hugs, a website run by Scott Markley, author/artist of the Unconscious the Grim Sleeper and writer of the popular blog Watching William reviewed by graphic novel homage to Superheroes and the comic book industry Fabula Zero Exposition. While this is the most unique graphic novel on the market it is hard book to explain; you seriously just have to read it. Check out Time for Hugs Fabula Zero Exposition review in full here.