To Celebrate the Guardians of the Galaxy a Marvel Movie Rocket Raccoon #Sketch #GotG

Rocket Raccoon - Blam! Murdered You!

Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Rocket Raccoon by Nick Davis

You’re Welcome… Many of you know that Rocket Raccoon is my favorite Marvel character followed by Captain America. I’ve been following Rocket on and off since I discovered his B-story in the back of my Marvel UK Transformers comic. To celebrate the release of the awesome Guardians of the Galaxy movie here is my illustration of the Movie Rocket Raccoon. Continue reading

So a Black Captain America and a Female Thor, eh?

The Falcon Sam Wilson - Captain AmericaIt has been an interesting couple of weeks in the House of Ideas, Marvel has passed on the shield of Captain America (again) and we are going to be introduced to a new Thor (again). Since Cap is one of my favorite Superhero characters you just know I have some thoughts on this. Continue reading

Disney releases first Full Trailer for the Marvel Big Hero 6 Movie Adaptation

Big Hero 6 - BaymaxYou know I am really starting to like the look of the Big Hero 6 movie, the character of Baymax is full of personality and I like the five-minutes into the future feel to the world. Check out the new full trailer for Big Hero 6 after the jump. Continue reading

Comic Review – Rocket Raccoon Number One by Skottie Young #comics #GotG

Rocket Raccoon Number One CoverTitle – Rocket Raccoon #1
Writer/Artist – Skottie Young
Publisher – Marvel

I’ve waited a long time for this book, as you all know I am a huge Rocket Raccoon fan having discovered the character in the B-story in Marvel UK Transformers Weekly. It was the Keystone Quadrant storyline, full of animal-morphic characters and Killer Clowns… I was hooked! And now my favorite Marvel character has his own book, so what did I think? Continue reading

New Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer with New Footage – You’re Welcome #GotG

The Guardians of the GalaxyA new Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer has been released, this time for the UK market and it contains new footage and gives the movie, a more Titan AE/Firefly feel to motley cast of Guardians. Plus we see sneak peeks of a much younger Star Lord. Check out the trailer after the jump.
Continue reading