Writing Without Fear – How I Would Have Written The Ending Of Man Of Steel

Man Of Steel V ZodThis Writing Without Fear was spurred by a discussion on the ComicBookMovie.com Facebook page. Recently David S Goyer, DC Movie Universe (DCMU) Lead Writer, had justified (again) that scene in Man Of Steel (MoS) where Superman snaps Zods neck, killing him.

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How Does Hollywood Not Get Superman?

All Star Superman the Man Of SteelAt some point a couple of years before we saw the soulless train-wreck that was Man Of Steel (MoS) the Exec’s running the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) got around a table and decided Superman was not interesting enough, that he had to be more edgy, less super, less good, more like Batman. The movie should be dark, depressing, meaningless and above all the DCEU Superman must not be seen rescuing any innocent bystanders in the finale fight… Oh, and he has to kill Zod because audiences expect that type of closure. Continue reading

Opinion – Nerdrage goes to far Ben Affleck Death threats over casting for the next Batman/Superman movie #Batfleck

I am Batman by Nick Davis

I am Batman by Nick Davis

What is a fan? It is after all short for fanatic, but what is fanatic…

fanatic [fəˈnætɪk]


1. a person whose enthusiasm or zeal for something is extreme or beyond normal limits
2. Informal a person devoted to a particular hobby or pastime; fan a jazz fanatic

adj a variant of fanatical

As fan’s we are devoted to our hobby be it reading, drawing or creating, but as fan’s we can let ourselves down and over the casting of the next Batman I am ashamed to say it has gone to far. The rant begins after the jump… Continue reading

The new DC Superman movie will this be the return of the Man of Steel?

manofsteelIt is no secret I am a huge Marvel fan, but I also have a soft-spot for the big blue boy scout – even though he has hard time connecting with today’s audience and the Return of Superman movie kind of flopped. But now he is back, a new movie with some interesting looking cinema photography and moody look. There is still a huge chance this could all go south yet and I do dearly hope that Zack Snyder remembers at its core this is a comic book movie, and has a little fun with Supes… After all DC have it aces with their animation perhaps they are now due a crossover into live action that doesn’t have Batman in the title, eh? Continue reading