Journey Into Legoville

Journey Into The New Lego City - Legoville

Over the years I have collected the odd Lego kit, usually a Fire Engine, or something fun or cool from this building block system, my wife though has always been a bit of a Legohead (or is that Brickhead?), and normally she gets a kit for her birthday, or at Christmas. Now, with space in the basement, she wanted to put her collection together and build a Lego City, I’ve always found Lego to be a great distractions… So, I said,”sure, let’s make this happen.” And Legoville was born.

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The Lego Star Wars Z-95 Headhunter flies on the scene

z9501Why am I blogging about this Lego kit, especially when there are much more impressive sets out there? I first encountered the Z-95 Headhunter in the Star Wars Tie Fighter game back in the 90’s and out of all the ships you have to face while Piloting your Imperial Fighter the Headhunter was a nightmare to shoot down. Why? Because its ship profile was so small you couldn’t hang behind it and dog it, from the top its T shape made it hard to draw a bead and head to head you couldn’t even see it. It was a pain to fight.

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LEGO Marvel Superheroes have arrived… And they have Deadpool?!?

Lego Marvel Avenger HeroesJust got this in an email from the LEGO store and I had to share… Yes, the Marvel Superheroes LEGO Minifigs have arrived and it is interesting to see the first wave selection; we have all the Movie Avengers and of course Wolverine (cause he is everywhere in the Marvelverse). The oddest selection is Deadpool? That firm PG family favorite rapscallion that he is… Still the Marvel is now available in LEGO form and I so want to pick up Cap… You can view the full range here… Or by clicking the banner below.

NEW Marvel LEGO Super Heroes sets are now available!

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Awesome video of the LEGO Space Shuttle launching into orbit

Minifig AstronautWitness the space program still lives as the plucky LEGO Space Division steps into the breach hurling their minifigs into space, to boldly go were no brick has gone before. To learn more about this video and how this all came about visit the Micro Black Jets blog here.