From the Archive – Attack of the Kroot with KrootOx and Kroothound the Tau Auxiliaries ReKroots of choice

The Tau KrootThe Kroot are the Tau Auxiliaries of choice, although lightly armored the Kroot Kindred’s are a maelstorm of close combat nastiness. Then add the raw power of KrootOx and the viciousness of the Kroot Hounds and they become a juggernaut capable of holding up the flank of any army – which has been the best use of Auxiliaries for centuries.

These Kroot are part of my Tau Cadre which is currently up on Ebay for you to bid one, check out this 1000pts army fully painted and ready to do battle for the greater good by click here.

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Found in the Archive – Kroot Shaper the first real alien not to appear in Warhammer

Kroot ShaperThe Kroot are a very unique alien race in Warhammer 40,000 they are amongst the very few who do not have a Warhammer Fantasy Battle analog. I remember first getting the plastics for these aliens and being excited to actually have a very different race in my hands. The Kroot are bird like creatures and look a little like the Predator with their spine like dreadlocks. Learn how I painted my Kroot Shaper after the jump.

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