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Cuddly Defender Wilma Bunny by Nick Davis

I need your help, I have the story complete and production templates complete. I have Dan Nokes waiting with pen in hand to start illustrating all I need to do is pay him, after all artists do need to eat. To do this A Teddy Bear Tale Part Two needs to win its full funding on Kickstarter and this is were you can help!

Every day I take up the One Pledge A Day to see if we can get one pledge towards this project to win the funding. I’m now challenging you my Backers to help me launch. Please shout, scream, Facebook, Tweet, Myspace, Email, arm twist, Tumblr, Social Media everyone you know about this project. For every Backer you get to pledge money to this project you score one point to win the new 16″ Cuddly Defender Wilma Bunny hand made by Dot from Dotsbears.

Wilma Bunny was the old cuddly toy that belonged to Tristan’s Boy’s Sister, she is a white bunny with red ribbon on her ears, blue eyes and a slightly grubby pink tutu. Don’t be fooled by this Bunny’s cute appearance she is feisty and more than a match for our heroic Teddy Bear.

Just get the Backer refer you in a message to me on Kickstarter and I will keep tally. At the end of this month if we win full funding the Backer with the highest score wins a FREE Wilma Bunny along with a copy of the new book. To learn more about the Kickstarter Project for A Teddy Bear Tale Part Two please click here –

Now please help me A Teddy Bear Tale Part Two launch!
Nick Davis

New Monster under the Bed - The Jar-Head by Dan Nokes

New Monster under the Bed - The Jar-Head by Dan Nokes

Along with some old favorites like the No Names, No Noses and Blighters a Teddy Bear Tale Part 2 introduces some new Monsters for Tristan (and this case Wilma) to face.

Meet the Jar-Head, a new Monster that Tristan encounters as he defends the secret Boggle Toy Train. These looming hulks are not known for their brains which can be removed from their Jar like heads (with screwable lids), but for their brawn… What problems they may cause for our Heroic Teddy Bear you will have to find out when you pick up the book – Click here to Pre-Order on Kickstarter

A Teddy Bear Tale Book 2 – Concept Art Influencing Story Changes

Concept Art of Tristan on a Clockwork Riding Creature

About half way through the book Tristan rides a many feathered creature with two legs and a long neck. As many of you may know A Teddy Bear Tale artist Dan Nokes runs a daily quick sketch challenge so I asked him to draw a quick concept of Tristan on one of these creatures.

The concept leaned a little on the long-necked two legged description, but also made the Riding Creature more mechanical. Now here is a good example of the art influencing the story;  in this case after seeing the art I thought it would be really cool if these Riding Creatures were actually clockwork and had to be wound to be used with a huge key sticking out of their back. The mental and actual image of Tristan on his mechanical clockwork steed is just too good to pass up, and also helps with a story detail… Stay tuned for more Concept Art updates and please help A Teddy Bear Tale Part Two launch on Kickstarter by clicking here!

How did A Teddy Bear Tale begin?

It all began with a moment of whimsy and one little Teddy Bear…

When I was at the A Teddy Bear Tale book signing at Ukazoo books, one of the questions I was asked was what inspired the story and how did it end up as an illustrated tale; as I told the tale of the story I realized that although the production blog follows the Kickstarter part of its creation I never told the origins of Tristan the Teddy Bear.

The story began over five months ago as small paragraph that came in my head after looking at one of Jean’s abandoned Teddy Bears on a shelf. The little fella was dusty, leaning to one side and had long been ignored; however the amber eye still sparkled and there was still a smile on his face. Continue reading

Artist Dan Nokes creates a Promo poster for Unconditional – A Teddy Bear’s Tale

Unconditional - A Teddy Bear's Tale Art by Dan NokesDan Nokes, the artist who will be the creator of the whimsical images for Unconditional – A Teddy Bear’s Tale has created a cool promo poster for this whimsical tale and has sent be a full concept breakdown of images too, check out the gallery after the jump. Plus you can help us launch Unconditional – A Teddy Bear’s Tale by pledging on Kickstarter to help us meet our funding goal click here to learn more on Kickstarter.

Continue reading