Checkout The Pistoleers – Westward Expansion Edition by Dan Nokes and back it on @Kickstarter #westwardexpansion

The Pistoleers by Dan NokesDan Nokes, Teddy Bear Tales Artist has started his latest Kickstarter for the excellently written The Pistoleers, a Wild West comic with the classic story of loss and vengeance in the vein of the John Ford movies. This really is a good book and deserving of the remastering Dan wants to give it. Check out the trailer after the jump. Continue reading

Doctor Who Teddy Bear Illustration by Dan Nokes inspired by Tristan & the Teddy Bear Tales

Dr Who Teddy Bear by Dan Nokes

Dr Who Teddy Bear by Dan Nokes

Teddy Bear Tales Artist Dan Nokes is a huge Whovain and this illustration was inspired by one of his favorite Doctors, the fourth Doctor played by Tom Baker. Taking a cue from Tristan the Teddy Bear he knocked out a pretty cool piece of work. Continue reading

Arriving on my doorstep The Daughter of Frost Illustrated Edition

DaughterofFrost-BooksOnce Upon a Time I started a Kickstarter project to get The Daughter of Frost, a fairy tale I wrote for my Daughter, illustrated. The Kickstarter project was successful and the last few months what started as a simple Kickstarter publishing project ran into problem after problem… Now though The Daughter of Frost – Illustrated Edition has finally arrived on my doorstep and now it is time to distribute it out to everyone who helped Kickstart this book. If you are interested in ordering the Fairy Tale I wrote for my Daughter, you can take a look at this tale of wonder, a classic story of love and the power of innocence by clicking here.

To everyone who supported this Kickstarter thank you! And I am deeply sorry for all the delays this project has been a quest all of its own. I hope you all enjoy and find your happily ever after in this beautiful new book.

First page of The Daughter of Frost is done come take a look

The Daughter of Frost - Illustration by Terra Bidlespacher

The Daughter of Frost – Illustration by Terra Bidlespacher

Terra Bidlespacher the artist for The Daughter of Frost Kickstarter project sent me the first finished page for this whimsical Fairy Tale. It is the Woodcutter and his wife making a snow family as Jack Frost looks on.

Together in the morning light, they rolled snowballs and built three snow people. One was the Woodcutter, the other was his wife, and the smaller was their snow child that they never had. Arm in arm they looked at the snow family and smiled, lost in the memory of what they might have had. The wife cried small tears of sadness. “I am sorry my dear husband, I know you mean well. I just wish for a child so I can see you glad.”

The Woodcutter smiled and kissed his wife on the check, “Do not worry my dear wife, we have lived a good life and one day we will get our reward. I love you deeply and wish for no more.”

If you enjoyed the art please check out the Kickstarter project of a Fairy Tale I wrote for my Daughter, help it get illustrated and let the magic begin…

New Perks if you Pre-Order A Teddy Bear Tale II – Faithful on IndieGoGo

Tristan Pencil by Nick Davis

Tristan Pencil by Nick Davis

Great news we broke through our $500 Goal on IndieGoGo for A Teddy Bear Tale – Faithful!!! To celebrate I’ve released to new Pledge Perks which I help push this project to the next level!  Continue reading