Just saying there is less than 21 days until the end of the world… Are you ready?

Mayan CartoonJust a FYI apparently we have less than 21 days until the world as we know it comes to an end, so are you ready? What are you going to do in the next 21 days before the apocalypse is upon us? Build that bomb shelter? Get that box of MRE? Load up with your best Mad Max fashions? Or just like me you know those crazy Mayans just got tired of counting and if I remember the math right the end of the world should have already happened? Maybe it has, we all blinked and we got moved to a new Earth… Or perhaps even more scary we destroy this reality every time we blink our eyes and only recreate it when we open them. After all reality is all perception… So let the countdown begin…

Family Radio Oops no Judgement day? My bad… But we are keeping your money!?!

Beware False Prophets… Anyone ever remember hearing that?

I’m not going to quote anything biblical at you because frankly I feel the Bible is a made up book written by people hundreds of years removed from any real events it supposedly describes. On that subject I encourage you to think for yourself, just as I feel God would too; be a Shepard not a sheep.

That thought, which I think is actually very good is not why I decided to post on this subject. Here is my reason. Is anyone else totally disgusted with this Harold Camping Head of Family Radio chap? Here we have a guy who’s prediction of the end of the world proved to be wrong (again), has conned people out of their life savings, has ruined lives with his prophesies and without any sign of regret is at it again. All we got was a my bad and here is the correct date, honest…

The new improved extra special Armageddon, Judgement Day, End of Days, Rapture has been reset to October 21st 2011

Did God just press the snooze button on May 21st then?

Of course this now gives Family Radio (a multi-million dollar company) five more months to pump the gullible, spread its fear and increase their portfolio. And just in case our good ole’ Preacher Harold Camping is keeping his house and car ‘because giving them away before Judgement day would be pointless.’ Yep, no faith in his own prophesies, but expects others to jump before him.

My views on religion and my faith have been better explained in my It’s 6pm the official Family Radio time of the Rapture did you feel anything? Yeah… Me too… post. So I will not repeat them here. I will though leave you with this thought in regards to Family Radio and Harold Camping.

‘Who is the fool? The fool or the  fools that follow him?’

It’s 6pm the official Family Radio time of the Rapture did you feel anything? Yeah… Me too…

Well here we are it is now 6pm the official Family Radio time for the Rapture, it has now started and like a brown wave of destruction is supposed to be moving across the globe towards us…

Yeah that is what I thought too… Nothing… What is that? Oh yes… Beware False Prophets…

You will have to excuse the rest of this blog post, I’m going to talk a bit about my religious views and my faith. If you want to read more take the jump.

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Just checking cause its May 21st and Judgement Day seems to be late? Did the Rapute happen to you?

Okay, now May 21st USA EST Time, thirty minutes in and  still no Judgement Day, or Rapture a happening? I mean does anyone have a schedule or something? Cause I want to watch Dr Who tonight and need to know if I have to set the DVR or not.

Anyhow just checking, anyone feel anything? Anyone?

Plus what now for Family Radio? What big lie can they roll out now to keep the money flowing towards them? A donation of $10 guarantees your place in heaven, right? I feel sorry for those that have been lied too. Please live you life without fear, that is another tenant of belief, and not pushing superstition onto those around you.

The End of the World… The Rapture? Judgement Day? Did you feel anything?

It is now Midnight May 21st in Israel, the time and date where Family Radio has guaranteed the end of the world, or the Rapture, or Judgement day. Did you feel anything? Cause I’m still at work, its looking like a typical Friday afternoon completely free of celestial events and beings to me. Just me and the boys staring at our computer screens pushing code around.

Of course it could be kicking off now and people could be ascending to heaven as I blog, but I doubt it… The entire thing stinks of a sad, horrible little marketing ploy that exploited a fearful corner of society by Family Radio to part people with their money and have it flow to them.

Ever… Onwards… The end of the world might be nigh, Judgement day may yet be around the corner; but you will be judged by the life you make, how you treat those around you, not how your prostrate yourself before a myth in a book written by people pretending to be other people.

Belief is what you make of it and is more than rigid slavish adhence to age old worship and rituals, it is to quote the words of Bill & Ted about being most excellent to everyone.