Holy Costume Coincidence! Happy Halloween from the Davis Bat Family!

Holy Halloween Bat Fans... It is Bat Nick!!!

Holy Halloween Bat Fans… It is Bat Nick!!!

Continuing the family tradition of all of us getting dressed up for Halloween, this year we are the Bat Family… Check out the pictures after the jump. Continue reading

Happy Mothers Day to my wife Jean a small gift for you…


Jean by Nick Davis

Happy Mothers Day to my wife Jean, I don’t have the coin for roses or chocolates, all I have is my head, heart and hands I hope you enjoy gift that I’ve poured my small talent into. A humble little gift on this day that celebrates Mothers everywhere.

The Nerd Wife – One line reviews of the Alt World Pick 6 from last weeks DCnU52 releases

The Nerd Wife JeanThe Nerd Wife, aka as my wife, or Jean to her friends is a huge reader of comic books and has only recently been introduced to the DC universe via the DCnU52 books. Two weeks ago she gave me a surprise one line review of the Pick 6 new52 DC books we had picked up, and with her permission I posted them to the Alt World Blog. Along with being a huge Nerd, Jean runs a bakeshop called the Sweetsfairy, producers of amazing cakes and cake toppers, check out there amazing Fairy Tale Enchanted Tower here, and you can read her one line reviews below.

Catwoman Number One - DCnU52Catwoman – Like the artwork, love that she’s built like a woman and not disproportional like most female comic characters. Story was good but seemed overly sexy and not sure what I think about the Batman hook up at the end yet. But I am looking forward to seeing what the next issues brings.  More excuses for her to fall out of her costume? – Nick Continue reading

The Nerd Wife – Jean’s thoughts on our DCnU52 Six book pick for this week

Jeana Davis - Nerd WifeI’m married to a comic book nerd, yes that’s right I caught a Unicorn who likes comics almost as much as me. My wife Jean (aka The Sweetsfairy) has been reading books on and off for over 10 years and often has more comics in the box at Chucks Comics than me. She has a much different take on comics than I do often saying I’m too picky, or searching for something that just isn’t there. Here are her one line thoughts on the six titles picked out from this week’s releases of DcnU52 books.

DCnU52 Demon KnightsBatman Detective Comics – I liked it and really want to see what happens next and what’s going on with Joker – Nick – I would rather wait for the TPB myself.

Demon Knights – Very much enjoyed this one, you know I love stuff set in medieval times especially King Arthur stuff. Very interested to see what’s going on & what’s going to happen and what the Demon’s destiny is – Nick – It had that whole fantasy romp vibe and I can’t wait until the next issue. Continue reading