Review – Kirby Genesis 0 by Kurt Busiek & Alex Ross

Kirby Genesis 0
Covers: Alex Ross
Publisher: Dynamite
Writer: Kurt Busiek
Penciller/Inker: Alex Ross, Jackson Herbert
Colorist: Vinicius Andrade

Every so often you get a book that is just a work of art, and that is Kirby Genesis by Kurt Busiek & Alex Ross. This book is dedicated to Jack Kirby, the comic book legend and a throwback to that style of drawing.

Here is the synopsis – The Pioneer 10 space probe carried a message to the stars. Now an answer’s on the way — but not one we expected! When it arrives, the lives of three ordinary people — and the entire world — will be changed forever. Featuring Captain Victory, Silver Star and more of Jack Kirby’s greatest concepts.

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