Original Art Mashup – The Avengers Teddy Bear Set with Cuddly Captain America-Bear, Iron Man and more

Captain America Teddy Bear by Nick Davis

Captain America Teddy Bear by Nick Davis

The Cuddly Avengers Movie Set features Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Hulk and Hawkeye as Teddy Bears or Cuddly Bunny Rabbits. The Cuddly Avengers are inspired by the Teddy Bear Tales and is drawn/colored on tan paper by Teddy Bear Tale Author Nick Davis. Continue reading

An amazing Marvel Motion Graphics a brilliant tribute by Blackmeal

BlackmealBannerThis amazing little animation was created by Blackmeal as a homage to Marvel Comics. The Ben-Day dots add a comic book-flavored touch of embellishment. Check it out after the jump.

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Marvel at the return of really bad action figures with the Iron Man 3 Assembles

A1781-Gold-Red__scaled_600This has to be a joke right? After the pretty cool Avengers Action Figures we get these turds as part of the Iron Man 3 release. Take a look at the extreme lack of basic articulation in the picture above and the gallery below after the jump. I had not realized 5 point articulation was back maybe it is a retro statement? Continue reading

Marvel at the Iron Man 3 Trailer a darker tone as we edge into Extremis?

The internet has been alive today with spoilers and links to the Iron Man 3 trailer, and I have to say it looks like the buzz in this case is justified. Looks like Iron Man 3 is taking what I call the benchmark for Superhero movies is a darker direction. I’m not going to pull the trailer apart just start-up the video below and sit back and enjoy…

Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes the animated series returns for Season Two

Marvel Avengers Season TwoYes, that is Ms.Marvel you see… For some reason DC has the legs on Marvel when it comes to animated series producing a product that is is many times has better production values, and is better written. Thankfully Marvel seems to do much better with live action. However, one of the best Marvel Animations to come out of their studies has been the Avengers; a surprisingly dark series that capture the spirit of the books very well. Anyhow, check out the trailer for Season Two after the jump… Continue reading