The Last Alan Moore Interview on Slovobooks

Comic Creator Alan MooreThe Alan Moore interview on Slovobooks was published on January 9, the interviewer was trying to talk about some of the darker sexual elements of Alan Moore’s books, and while that was addressed – it didn’t really shed any light on why these elements always pop up in Moore’s work. I think he still stuck in deconstruct mode. Continue reading

Panel-to-Panel: Episode Eight – My interview with Dan Nokes all about The Teddy Bear and The Wonder Tales

I've been expecting you

I’ve been expecting you

Over the last few months Dan Nokes, the Teddy Bear Tales artist has been running a series of creator only interviews, where he tracks down an indie writer or artist and interviews them one on one. Dan finally cornered me at Annapolis Comic Con and got me to talk about the projects I am working on, what are The Wonder Tales and what is next for A Teddy Bear Tale. To watch this interview go take the jump, to watch more of Dan Nokes Panel-to-Panel interviews please click here. Continue reading

The Next Big Thing Blog Tour – My Turn!

Nick-TristanLast week I was contacted by the ever lovely Melissa Smith to take part in The Next Big Blog Tour you can read her blog post here. Now a week later it is my turn. The basic idea is this is a self-interview talking about our next Big Thing to start spreading the word about our projects. You can read Melissa’s original post here. So with no further ado you can read my interview after the jump. Continue reading

One on One with Erik Larsen creator of Savage Dragon

One on One with Erik Larsen
Creator of Savage Dragon and Co-Founder of Image Comics
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I’ve been reading Savage Dragon since the start of the Dragon Wars, and on FREE comic book day the Savage Dragon book was a primer of everything that came before. With its flash bang quick action style and brutal fight scenes Savage Dragon has a loyal following and appeals to a wide range comic book readers. Being a convert myself I decided to find a little more about its creator and man about comics Mr Erik Larsen.

To my surprise Erik Larsen was very easy to get in contact with and he was open to an interview without me jumping through any hoops to talk to him. The only problem I had was finding a question he hasn’t covered in huge FAQ on his website http//

The interview begins after the jump.

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