Inside the Box – Batgirl, Alpha Flight, Super Dinosaur, Suicide Squad & Demon Knights

Demon Knights #2You know it feels like just yesterday I was writing up the Super Sized Inside the Box edition and we are already back on New Comic Book Wednesday… Anyhow here we are peering inside my box at my local comic book store Chucks Comics, smaller selection this week, but many of the books not featured here belong to my Nerd Wife. So, lets see what stays and what goes in the order I read them in.

Demon Knights #2 – Cornell, Neves & Albert – This was the first DC book I picked off the rack on a impulse and now its in my box; this is a pure medieval magical romp, makes no apologies for it and works really well because of it. This is what a good comic book should be FUN, it doesn’t take itself too seriously and has amazing action/dialog. Demon Knights was a great way to start my comic stack read and had me grinning, this is a keeper. Continue reading

Inside the Box Super Sized Addition – Thunderbolts, Avengers, Red Wing, Brilliant & Abe Sapian

Thunderbolts 163.1Welcome to the Inside the Box Super Sized Addition!!! Today we look inside my comic box at my local comic book store Chucks’s Comics and waiting for me is about two and a bit week’s worth of comics (sans the DC issues I picked up last week). I’m not kidding you when I say my pull list is fairly large for this column this week.  So lets see what stays, and what goes in the order I read them in.

Thunderbolts #163.1 – Parker, Shalvey & Martin – Haven’t we had the .1 issues of the Thunderbolts? Anyway we are treated to another issue that continues the main story, while setting up a introduction to what the Thunderbolts are without a beat being skipped along the way. This book simply is working on every level and is one of the best superhero team books on the rack at the moment, even if Luke Cage is back.  Continue reading

Inside the Box – Secret Avengers, More Avengers, Captain America, More Captain America and Transformers

Secret Avengers 17Welcome to the biweekly Inside the Box column, where we look inside my box at my local comic store Chucks Comics to see what will stay or what will go. Before I go any further I have a quick confession what follows are not all the books in my box, due to budget constraints I had to leave some behind which will make the next column very packed. Now, lets see what goes and what stays in the order I read them in.

Secret Avengers #17 – Ellis, Walker & Martin – Sing it with me… Secret Agent Man… Secret Agent Man… This is what this book should be, each week the Secret Avengers being put into teams and tackling a threat in secret. I didn’t love this book as much I did last months, but it was fun. What I did get from it was a extremely creepy 2000AD vibe which worked with the concept of this book – uncommon threats dealt in an uncommon manner; and Steve Rogers is much more fun as Commander Rogers. A pure comic book romp and so staying in my box… Continue reading

Inside the Box DCnU52 Special – Pick 6 with Justice League Dark, Teen Titans, Superman & The Fury of Firestorm

Justice League Dark DCnU52Welcome to the last Inside the Box DCnU52 special, together Jean (aka the Nerd Wife) and myself picked six titles off the rack at our local comic book store Chucks Comics to see what would make it into our box for the next month. This is the last week of the new 52 month so the last chance for DC to recruit new readers with their last set of easy accessible books. Below are my thoughts presented in the order I read the books in.

Justice League Dark #1 – Milligan & Janin – When things go bump in the night who are you going to call? DC’s more mystical characters have always been on the fringe and Justice League Dark wants to change that. I don’t know much about any of these characters – I know Shade because he appeared in Suicide Squad once, Zatanna and Deadman are about my limit because they appeared in the mainstream books; the rest I know little or nothing about and like a lot of the DCnU52 books this one totally fails to really explain them. Interesting, loved the concept of a sentient Power Plant that simply is bored, but that got brushed over. For me its not a keeper although I think Jean will want to keep it. Continue reading

Inside the Box DCnU52 Special – Pick 6 with Wonder Woman, Red Hood & the Outlaws, Captain Atom & Catwoman

Red Hood and the Outlaws #1 DCnU52Welcome to my Inside the Box DCnU52 special, every week I pick six titles from the DC52 release from my local comic book shop Chucks Comics and see if they will stay in my comic box for the next issue. This is the third week of DC52 and the releases are not the banner books of the last two, so this time the books have to lean more on their stories over flashy names. Now lets see what will stay, what will go in the order I read the books in.

Wonder Woman #1 – Azzarello & Chiang – I’ve already reviewed this title in full here, this book was a surprise to me as I frankly don’t expect much from this character. The direction here is exciting, the outfit is still a little cheesecake, but the colors are muted and it feels like something a warrior would wear. The book did enough for me to want to read the next issue and I look forward to picked in up. Continue reading