Check out the IndieGoGo Campaign for ADAM AND EVE: THE COMPLETE UNDEAD OMNIBUS

AdamEveHave you read Adam & Eve Bizarre Love Triangle in the Zombie Apocalypse by Dan Nokes? If you haven’t you should this is one well put together indie graphic novel detailing the misadventures of Adam the lone survivor in a military bunker who finds another survivor in another bunker via the internet. What follows is a buddy road trip type book as he takes to the road with his genetically altered Dog and a fairly snobby super-computer. All fairly simple… But no… This is trip full of Zombies, crazy survivalist and a great take on the human condition through some very humorous goggles. I really enjoyed the first edition and is one of Dan’s best books yet.

Now he is looking to combine both books into a Zombie Omnibus and is looking to you for help on IndieGoGo, look on it as really just pre-ordering the book with some neat extra goodies. I can tell you know this Graphic Novel is well worth your time. Check out his full IndieGoGo campaign here and my review of the first book here.

Together we did it!!! A Teddy Bear Tale II – Faithful makes full funding on IndieGoGo!

A Teddy Bear Tale on IndieGoGoWell done everybody!!! Together we got full funding for Tristan’s new book A Teddy Bear Tale II – Faithful on IndieGoGo 🙂 Technically this happened a few days ago, but I was at Wizard World Philly when it happened and I wanted to get all that news out of the way first… This means I can start production on the new book, which in turn means over the next month your going to see a lot of updates as we preview new art, new character designs, and new looks for Tristan, should be a really fun ride and I look forward to sharing it with you.

New Perks if you Pre-Order A Teddy Bear Tale II – Faithful on IndieGoGo

Tristan Pencil by Nick Davis

Tristan Pencil by Nick Davis

Great news we broke through our $500 Goal on IndieGoGo for A Teddy Bear Tale – Faithful!!! To celebrate I’ve released to new Pledge Perks which I help push this project to the next level!  Continue reading