The Secret Life Of An Indie Publisher – The Cost Of Publishing

The Alt World Studios Publishing Engine

The Alt World Studios Publishing Engine

Welcome to my second installment of the Secret Life Of An Indie Publisher, where I take you into the murky waters that we Indie Creators inhabit and peek behind the scenes of what a very (very) small press gets up too. As I write stories, create characters, pull together publications, work with artists and from time to time illustrate my own work. Continue reading

Review – The Pistoleers TPB Murder, Vengeance & Family Ties by Dan Nokes

The Pistoleers The Pistoleers – Murder, Vengeance & Family Ties by Dan Nokes

The Pistoleers started life as a three part comic book western by indie creator Dan Nokes, which is now collected into one volume for your digestion. This story is a change of pace from Dan’s earlier work and the entire story has much more serious undertones and themes than the more Tolkenesqe epic of the Paranormals.

We are introduced to the story and characters through a third party narrator, almost straight away I found myself reading the narrative bits with my little big man voice. The story is solid through all three issues and carries with it a very dark undercurrent about the effects of revenge and retribution on the soul. This darkness is huge change of direction for Dan, and his normal irrelevant humor is not present at all, although there are a couple moments of dark humor.

This is a true western tale anchored firmly in reality and pulls no punches, make no mistake this is a gritty piece of writing by Mr Nokes.

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Review – Paranormals Volume Two by Dan Nokes – An Epic Indie Graphic Novel!!!

Paranormals Volume 2 by Dan Nokes, of 21st Century Sandshark Studios

You may of caught my review of the first volume of Paranormals a couple of weeks ago, if not go back and find it, read it and then come back to this. This review is all about The Paranormals Volume Two that collects together the remaining issues of The Paranormals into one packed Pocket Sized Trade Paperback.

Volume Two picks up with the motley crew of Paranormals being transported into Lost Lands, and little narration by Tabitha informs us they have been there for sometime. Spending their time learning, healing and planning what on earth can they do next?

Just like the Volume One this is a black and white comic, with gritty line work and the unique style of Owner/Creator Dan Nokes. Again he brings us an epic story with some neat twists, clever villains and managed to make it all about the characters, not letting the sheer scale of the story over take there development.

One of my particular favorites of this story is Dan’s dark twist on Peter Pan, the roles switch between Peter and Captain Hook made complete sense, and Pan came across as completely creepy, good work.

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