The Anatomy Of A Composite Drawing – The Princess Archer & Companions

The Princess Archer by Nick DavisThe Princess Archer story is one of my original Once Upon a Time Adventures called The Wonder Tales, it is the story of a Princess called Gwendolyn who is flung by magic to the Land of the Sun and her journey back to her home – the Ninth Kingdom. On this quest she is joined by Kurt the Wolf Boy, cursed by Baba Yaga to be Werewolf, or Wolf, but never a boy, a nervous faire creature Will O’Wisp and their guide Tobisum the Inch High Samurai. You can read their adventures at The Wonder Tales. Continue reading

Introducing a new Wonder Tale – The Tall Tale of Tobisum the Inch High Samurai

The Tall Tale of Tobisum, the Inch High SamuraiIntroducing a new Wonder Tale to join my growing collection of all ages original fantasy stories – The Tall Tale of Tobisum the Inch High Samurai.

Tobisum is a Samurai who is one inch in stature, but is mighty in heart. He has joined the Princess Archer Gwendolyn and her companions Kurt the Wolf-boy & Will’O the Wisp on her quest to find the door to Baba Yaga’s house. As they search for Jiki Ninki the Goblin who has the answer to their quest; Tobisum tells the tale of how he became a Samurai. It is a tale of daring and adventure, of bravery and heart. As Tobisum faces demons, saves the girl and rides to battle on the back of Bee.

Available as an eBook for $0.99 on the Kindle USA, Kindle UK, Kindle DE, Nook and multiple eReader formats such as the Kobo, or Sony at Smashwords.