Let Me Tell You A Story About A Friend Of Mine

Let Me Tell You A StoryThey say evil flourishes when good people do nothing, nothing is more true than the times we are living in and the escalating degree of hatred towards the Muslim religion that is rising around us. I am a good person, or at least work hard at trying to be one and I want to tell you a story about a friend of mine who helped me in one of the darkest times in my life, for no other reason than he does good, for the sake of just doing good. Continue reading

Anniversary Unobserved – Fifteen Year Anniversary Of My Immigration In The USA

Why I Made The Journey

Why I Made The Journey

Wow… As of August 8th, 2000 approx 7.02pm I arrived tired, a little disoriented with a suitcase and carry-on bag, (the other bag was delayed and was to be lost for the next two weeks), at New York JFK.

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This is what an Immigrant with a Greencard looks like… After 13 years it is finally over!

One Immigrant and his Green Card... We did it!!!

One Immigrant and his Green Card… We did it!!!

The final hurdle, I have my Greencard in my hand and it is a non-conditional card good for the next ten years. This means no matter what I am back to full Legal Permanent Status and the next time I deal with the USCIS it will be for full citizenship. We did it!!! Thank you Matter of Sesay for the legal precedent and thank you one and all for your support 🙂

Immigration Update!!! The long wait is now over USCIS are finally granting me a Green Card

Green CardI’ve held off any immigration updates because there really has not been one on make. From the panicked rush of filing my Adjustment of Status with the miracle of all your help, well wishes and assistance it turned into a very, very long wait. For the last two years I have logged into my USCIS status update to see the same ‘processing’ message. But today is different and I finally have some real good news to share. My Green Card is on its way! Continue reading

My immigration journey the Adjustment of Status interview what was the verdict?

This blog is the second part to my And it all comes down to this… Is this the final step in my immigration journey? As you all know I had my Adjustment of Status Interview, where I have to basically prove my worthiness to remain in the USA. So I can finally adjust my immigration status from non-resident to legal-resident. If you read the blog you will know I wasn’t holding out much hope of success… Continue reading