News Release – Tristan the Teddy Bear Goes to Hollywood

Tristan, Wilma and Fernando ride the Teddy Bear Tales Toy Train

Tristan, Wilma and Fernando ride the Teddy Bear Tales Toy Train

Tuesday, September 30 2014 – Tristan the Teddy Bear, the Teddy Bear Tales, Wilma, Archer and Fernando of the Cuddly Defenders and the Imagination Adventure books were signed up on Friday, September 25, 2014 by a Hollywood Literary Agent from a successful Agency with a track history of getting properties produced, and on the screen. Continue reading

A Very Happy Fathers Day to all Fathers Everywhere

Happy Fathers Day Teddy Bears

Happy Fathers Day Teddy Bears – Dream I Can Fly by Nick Davis

Because of my Father I can dream I can fly, this is for the Fathers everywhere, from the single parent to the step-parent. I wish you all a Happy Fathers Day! Continue reading

Concept Sketch for Tristan the Teddy Bear in Outer Space Early Reader Teddy Bear Tale

Tristan the Teddy Bear in Space

Tristan the Teddy Bear in Space. Art concept by Nick Davis

Tristan and Wilma travel into outer space to help the Man in the Moon stop the Gobbledy-Gobbs from eating his home, because everyone knows the Moon is made from the most delicious of cheese.

For awhile I’ve been playing with the idea of doing a series of early reader Teddy Bear Tales, each one take Tristan on an imaginative adventure from Outer Space to the Depths of the Ocean. Each story would be about 24 pages long, with each page having a simple story sentence with full-page illustrations to tell the story. Based off my first synopsis I’ve produced the above concept image of Tristan the Teddy Bear in space with this Monster catching net. This is all early days stuff, but I wanted to share with you a direction I want to take the Teddy Bear Tales in.

Playing with my writing voice to explore a new world of imagination

Over the last few weeks I’ve been playing with my voice, with my genre just to and see what I feel comfortable writing. Why have I been doing this?

I wanted to see if I could write something different and tell a tale in a totally different style than I normally write. By trade I’m a Graphic Designer, now working as a Web Designer, who spent ten years as feature writer for Games Workshop’s White Dwarf magazine and website, and I wrote articles from exploration, how to’s and advertorial. So I kind came to writing fiction in a roundabout way.

My first two full length novels have been gritty urban fantasy action adventures that have a paranormal element and pull no punches. The Tether Saga is a grim tale of the eternal fight between good and evil, and a girl called Sarah who is caught up in the middle of it. Now the first novel is almost a pure action thriller that started out very Stephen King, and ended very James Patterson with smash bang, knock down finale. The second book started to explain a little more about the world that Sarah had found herself in, it also allowed me to build the characters and add a little black humor to the story.

I’m now on a break from The Tether Saga, and don’t plan to dip back into that world until August. In the meantime I tried something a little different, so I started to write Legends of an Englishman, a bawdy comedy drama about the misadventures of an Englishman. This is told in a first person perspective, and actually is harder to write than I thought. Trying to find that right mix of awkwardness and drama, while telling the story is a struggle.

Continue reading