Inside the Box – Alpha Flight, Avengers, Avengers, Avengers, Fear Itself & Redwing

Alpha Flight #3Yes I know this is very, very late… My apologies I did read all my books from my box at Chucks Comics last week, however I was at Baltimore Comic con debuting Fabula Zero Exposition; so time got a little compressed. However here is my bi-weekly Inside the Box column presented in the order I read my books. What will stay what will go? Read on and find out…

Alpha Flight 3 of 8  – Fear Itself  Tie In – Van Lente, Pak, Eaglesham, Hennessy, Oback – Another great installment in what is turning into the best mini-series I’ve read this year. Alpha Flight finds itself on the run as Unity starts to form Alpha Strike to take them down. This book is really hanging together and hitting all the right buttons. I think it helps that I know nothing about any of these characters which adds to the sense of peril, because I really don’t know who will live and who will survive. I am a believer though… Canada’s Premium Superhero Team is rocking… So, yes this book is a keeper.

The New Avengers #15 – Fear Itself Tie On – Bendis, Deodato, Beredo – I have to say this first and get it out of my system. I know Bendis is famous for his talking heads narrative, but what is this now? The third or fourth issue that has used this to push the narrative? Getting old now… Anyhow, this book focuses on Squirrel Girl and this comically powered super heroine kicks ass throughout this book. No nonsense superheroics from the Great Lakes Avenger, as she takes on Wolverine and the Mechs of Sin. Fun story with heroics a plenty from the most unexpected source, now who wants to see a Squirrel Girl Mini-series? Another Keeper! Continue reading

Review – New Image comic Shinku #1 by Ron Marz & Lee Moder

Shinku #1
Publisher: Image
Writer: Ron Marz
Artist: Lee Moder

I picked up Shinku#1 straight off the rack at Chucks Comics, my local comic shop on the cover alone. Asian chick, with katana in motorbike leathers looked interesting, a quick flick through the pages, a decapitation in the first four pages of what looked like a vampire and I was sold.

Intrigued that this may be a new take on the vampire slayer genre and I liking the Kill Bill vibe I picked it up, and it didn’t disappoint.

Here is the basics – Shinku is the last descendant of the Tatadaka Samurai clan, who have been at war with a rival clan of samurai who happen to be vampires. This is told in flashback as Shinku rescues Davis, a nerdy programmer type who fell into Shinku’s world after attempt to score some alley action with a goth girl, who turned out to be a vampire.

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Review – Super Dinosaur Super Awesome All Ages Fun!

Super DinosaurSuper Dinosaur
Publisher – Image
Writer –  Robert Kirkman
Artist – Jason Howard

Super Dinosaur is a new series by Robert Kirkman (Walking Dead, Invincible), drawn by Jason Howard (Astonishing Wolfman). It’s an all ages comic that follows the adventures of a 9ft T-Rex genetically altered to be Super Dinosaur, who wears a pretty neat and well thought out battle armor/harness.

His mission is to defend Earth and stop the Dino-Men created by Max Maximus from exploiting the deposits of Dynore found in the layer between our Earth and Inner Earth. He is aided by Derek an Awesome Boy Genius (his words not mine) and his robotic companion Wheels. There is also a third element in the fight too led by Tricerachops who is trying to free the Dino-men. All the main characters are introduced and get a nice little set piece to establish who they are, and their motivations.

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