First Look – IDW Josh Adams Doctor Who comic preview is a Tyrannosaurus Rex Matt Smith’s new companion?

Doctor Who & the T-RexA little bit of Doctor Who fun for you courtesy of IDW comics, the image above is from a series of previews done by Josh Adams (son of Neal Adams) who is taking over art duties for the IDW book from Issue #9. The question I have is the T-Rex the Doctors new companion? Rest of the images after the jump. Continue reading

Review – IDW Transformers Bumblebee Mini-series

Transformers Bumblebee
Mini-series 1-4
Written by Zandor Cannon
Artwork by Chee

This Transformers mini-series takes place around Transformers For All Mankind #2 just after Bumblebee is elected leader of the Autobots, while Prime mops around being all Emo.  It is a chronicle of the little guy becoming a leader, from his fumbles and indecisions at the beginning, to the end where he is resolute and firm. The short version is Bumblebee transforms.

For some reason IDW really hits the Transformers on the head with their mini-series, and this one, just like Ironhide is pitch perfect and tells a great story that G1 fans, and new readers a like will love.

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Review – IDW Transformers Vol.2 TPB International Incident… Huh?

IDW Transformers International IncidentIDW Transformers Volume Two – International Incident is written by Mike Costa with art by Don Figueroa, Guido Guidi and Javier Salteres. This trade collects together Issues 7-12 of the rebooted IDW Transformers series.

Lets see about two weeks ago I reviewed the trade of For All Mankind and frankly I wasn’t that impressed. Did things change with this trade? Well, it did a little bit, mainly because it concentrated more on side characters, and stepped away from Emo Prime.

First up Bumblebee has been made the leader of the Autobots, and is seriously stepping up to the role. There is a nice bit where the Bot’s are asked who their leader is and instead of saying Prime they all point to Bumblebee. And if it wasn’t for BB all the Bots would of got their collective heads handed to them by the three remaining Combaticon’s. Read more thoughts after the Jump.

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IDW Transformers #1 For All Mankind Review

After the surprisingly solid and well put together IDW Transformers Ironhide Mini-series  (see review here) I decided to go back and give the IDW Transformers a look at. I really enjoyed what they did with Ironhide, and the more mature theme running through that series, and was looking forward to seeing what they did with the rest of our G1 Favorites.

It wasn’t easy as IDW Transformers Issues have no dating on the covers to help, and there has been several previous runs to sort through. After a little bit of initial confusion I located Transformers Issue One, of the For All Mankind arc and it seemed a good jumping on point. After all it was the start of new Transformer comic series, (okay I know printed in Nov 2009 but), and rule of thumb when picking up a new series is find a start of an arc, and go from there.

This is a review of the first issue of this IDW Transformers series and I did find myself feeling a little flat, where Ironhide honed in on the characteristics of that Bot, this felt unfocused. Maybe because I came in not knowing all the back story that has lead up to the events in this comic, and the summary just needed a little more for new readers like me.

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Transformers Ironhide a more than meets the eyes comic review

Transformers Ironhide is published by IDW is a four-part series by writer Mike Costa and art by Casey Coller.  The mini-series explores the history of Ironhide following his shocking death in IDW Transformers #1

Yes I am late to the party with this, it was published way back in 2010, but I’ve not been paying attention to the IDW Transformers comics at all, although after this I might be. I picked this series up simply because I like Ironhide, he is a bit of a grump like me, and the story from what I read in Chucks Comics intrigued me.

The basic synopsis is Ironhide wakes up after being killed and finds himself back on Cybertron. He is confused and we flip back and forth as he remembers certain things from his past life, well, except for a 4 million year gap and all his time on Earth. As he explores the deserted planet he runs into Alpha Trion and learns why he has been brought back to life.  It is basically an origin story for Ironhide, and reinvents the character.

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