Writing Without Fear – Ideas Are Like Buses… Wait Forever And Three Come At Once

Tristan the Teddy Bear from the Teddy Bear Tales (art by Dan Nokes)As a creative writer you sit there coming up with ideas for storylines, characters and interesting plot hooks. It involves long hours, and sometime waking up in the middle of the night and frantically scribbling the idea down on your phone, or notepad. Then you go to sleep, thinking you’ve come up with he most original story idea ever! Well… I have news for you… Chances are someone has had the same idea as you, this is why ideas are like buses… They all come at once. Continue reading

The Anatomy Of An Idea Meet The Searchers – #cuddlytoy #hero #thesearchers

The Searchers - Wilma the Cuddly Bunny and Her GirlMeet the Searchers – One feisty Cuddly Bunny with her equally feisty little Girl setting out on a little big adventure, a journey that will take them to a land beyond imagination and test the bonds of friendship between a Girl and her Cuddly Toy.  Continue reading