The Little Red Games Workshop Book, Tom Kirby’s Management Opus

Games Workshop Little Red Management Book by Tom KirbyLook what I found, the Little Red Games Workshop Management Book, this opus to Empire building was written by GW CEO Tom Kirby, and was given to me way back in 2003 during my last few of months at Games Workshop USA before I was ‘let go’. Actually it was more like issued to us like an infantry primer with a speech and all, but I will get to that after the jump. Continue reading

After all the good we were due for one bad… But there is still hope!

We are all immigrants... Hey, if you’ve been following my Immigration Blogs you know that today was a big day for me. With all your surprise help over the last week I was able to complete the mad push over the last week to file my Adjustment of Status (AOS), and it went out yesterday. The hope is if I could show the documents are filed my work would hold my position open as it would be easier than getting new hire in place. I guess with all the good that happened over the last week, we were due for some bad news to settle the cosmic scales and we got it.

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