Another Race Around The Sun With That Was The Year That Was 2015

Here comes 2016!Hey Everybody Peeps! We survived another trip around the sun and what a really odd year this has been for me. First off,  thank you all for coming on this journey, for reading my ramblings and for buying my work… It is really, sincerely appreciated!!! Continue reading

Happy New Year and a look back at one more journey around the Sun

happy-new-year-20123Let’s start this blog with a huge positive, Happy New Year one and all and thank you for sticking with me as we journeyed around the Sun one more time. It has as I like to say been a bit of year hasn’t it? However, lets not dwell on that yet… Because we have a new year ahead of us one full of potential for adventures, love, life, and memories abound. Try to seize everyday and make each one your own, find the joy in the day and do one thing every day that will advance you towards your goal in life… Live, love and forever push onwards for only we can make meaningful changes in our life. Now go get em 😉 Continue reading