A Once Upon A Time Ghost Story With The NEW Wonder Tale – A Lost Letter

The Lost Letter - A Once Upon A Time Ghost StoryThe Wonder Tales are once upon a time fantasy stories based off the folklore and legends of Eastern Europe and Japan. The latest Princess Archer Wonder Tale: A Lost Letter is a ghost story released just in time to entertain the family for Halloween. In this story the Princess Archer Gwendolyn must uncover a binding secret about a long lost love.

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I was invited to the Capes and Babes Halloween Party! Click through to check out my costume!

Capes and Babes Halloween Party

Capes and Babes Halloween Party

Chris Flick, a convention buddy, and the writer and artist of the most excellent webcomic Capes & Babes threw an in comic Halloween party. And I managed to scrounge up an invite! Click-through to check out my most awesome costume…

Holy Costume Coincidence! Happy Halloween from the Davis Bat Family!

Holy Halloween Bat Fans... It is Bat Nick!!!

Holy Halloween Bat Fans… It is Bat Nick!!!

Continuing the family tradition of all of us getting dressed up for Halloween, this year we are the Bat Family… Check out the pictures after the jump. Continue reading

Trick or Treat? Halloween 2012 with the family Davis and Hellboy becomes a Pirate… Arr…

Locked, loaded, buckets in hand and we are heading out…

Another Halloween rolls around the family tradition continues, we all got dressed up and went out to Trick or Treat. Well I say all… Sadly my son is now too cool for Halloween, but that is all right we all go through that phase and I think he will be back on track in a couple of years time. You know when Halloween parties start happening to him. Anyhow… to keep with our tradition after the jump you can view our small album of Halloween pictures… Happy Halloween hope y’all had a safe and happy one. Continue reading

An interesting Halloween tradition that surprised again in 2011

Captain America shieldEvery year we have a tradition in my household, that I surprise my kids with my Halloween costume. Last year I put together a pretty convincing Hellboy outfit, this year we travel the entire Superhero spectrum for the next character. With a little misdirection and guile I managed to surprise the kids again, find out who I was after the jump. Continue reading