Found in the archive… Saruman and Grima a miniature study in black & white

Saruman of many colors and Grima WormtongueIt has been a while since I picked up a Toy Soldier and painted it, but I ran across this picture in my archive that might make me do it again soon. It is Saruman and Grima Wormtongue, from The Lord of the Rings Miniature range by Games Workshop.

I have to say this pair are amongst my favorite miniature paint jobs I’ve ever done. It was study in minimalism and the use of black and white; I tried to make Saruman as pale as possible and Grima as dark as a counter weight.  I used two colors on Saruman, White & Tan, and Grima used Black & Gray. Might have to break these two out of storage and put them back on display.