An Unexpected Audience + Cuddly Sketch = A Green Lantern Speed Drawing Challenge

An unexpected audience

Me at my drawing board – I don’t always have an audience…

This all happened very unexpectedly… I had a piece of paper, a pencil and was looking to wind down after a very long five-hour drive taking my kids home to their Mother. Before I knew if I had an unexpected audience of my Wife’s cousin/nieces and  they were surprised how fast I was putting the illustration together. So to show them just how fast I can push out a Cuddly Sketch (when I am on my A game)  I started a speed drawing challenge of 30 minutes…  Want to see how it all turned out? Continue reading

What was really missing from Green Lantern the Muppet Lantern Corps

Muppet Green Lantern CorpsI found this fun image poking around the interwebs and I think this is what was really missing from the Green Lantern Movie, the final ingredient that would of pushed it over the edge into one of the best movies of the year. Meet the Muppet Lantern Corps.

As you can see they are more realistic than Ryan Reynolds Hal Jordon and would of made the fractured script actually make sense. Anyhow thought I would share, you can view more images like this on Abby Mermerson’s Deviant Art page here.

You can view this image in full after the jump. Continue reading

The Green Lantern movie, how can something so easy go so wrong?

Green Lantern, wow what a movie, what a huge disappointment. Before I get started I have to say this. I understand movie adaptations do not always stay faithful to the book or canon it’s based on, I understand entertainment and the purpose of telling a story within a time limitation. Almost always if the spirit of book is in the movie, then the movie works.

Now take Ryan Reynolds a charismatic actor with good comedic timing. Insert him into the role of Hal Jordon a cocky test pilot and then give him a Lantern ring that manifests his imagination powered by his will, and you have the makings of a fairly easy to put together Super-Hero movie. Given the early character of Hal Jordon in the books you actually have mini-Stark on your hands. All the ingredients for a fun comic book movie romp, so what went wrong?

First off it was like watching three different movies, the Earth stuff was okay it clicked just not really expanded. Our villain Hector Hammond felt very throw away, almost an excuse for Hal to have a conflict and confidence crisis. Given Hector’s mental prowess and problems he actually has caused for the GL’s in the past, it could of easily been a movie with Hal dealing with him, then learning he is part of a much bigger picture with all the cosmic stuff at the end of the movie.

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