Would Gun Safety Prevent Mass-Shootings And My Moment Of Horror?

Jaelynn Willey - RIP 03/22/2018This is a picture of Jaelynn Willey, she is sixteen years old, the same age as my Daughter, and was a student at Great Mills High School in St Mary’s County, I say was a student, because she passed away on Thursday night (03/22/2018). The reason for this tragic death was she was shot in the head on Tuesday (03/20/2018) by a fellow student (who will remain nameless cause I don’t glorify assholes), and for the only reason I can gather is because she broke up with this asshole. Senseless, a life taken, lives destroyed and lost, over, really nothing… Really, back in my day to cope with a break up we wrote sappy poetry and listened to terrible love songs.

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