The Baltimore Izod Indycars GrandPrix 2011 and the Kids reenactment at The Go-Kart Track

Baltimore Grand Prix 2011Today, despite the traffic snarl-ups over the week, today was a good day. I took the kids to watch the inaugural Baltimore Grandprix from the comfort of the WTC right in the center of Downtown, and the Inner Harbor. While the racing was more of a procession due to the lack of overtaking opportunities on the track, we were treated to Izod Indycars racing through our streets and had a good view of the hairpin leading from Pratt street; that was really the only place you could attempt to overtake by diving in on the inside.

The picture above was taken after the long 2nd Pace Car caution; the pack was grouped up as they set off back down Pratt street and is the best shot I got that afternoon. The lead car (white & black Verizon badged) from Team Penske, driven by Will Power, pulled out and held a very convincing 3-4 second lead over the 2nd placed car, and held it to the end. In the following gallery after the jump, my kids reenacted the Baltimore GP at The Baltimore Go-Kart Track. Continue reading