Remembering My Time Working With Wayne England

Illuminations with Wayne England

This morning I learned of the death of long time fantasy artist Wayne England, he passed away last night on 02/09/2016, I don’t know the details of his death, nor will I ever seek them out. I will just share with you my thoughts about my time with Wayne England. Out of all the Artist deaths that have occurred so far in 2016, this one is different for me. Mr England wasn’t a contemporary, but rather a colleague… I was for far too brief a time lucky enough to have worked alongside him.

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The Little Red Games Workshop Book, Tom Kirby’s Management Opus

Games Workshop Little Red Management Book by Tom KirbyLook what I found, the Little Red Games Workshop Management Book, this opus to Empire building was written by GW CEO Tom Kirby, and was given to me way back in 2003 during my last few of months at Games Workshop USA before I was ‘let go’. Actually it was more like issued to us like an infantry primer with a speech and all, but I will get to that after the jump. Continue reading

Tristan the Teddy Bear #Miniature #Wargaming Toy Soldier Now Painted

Tristan the Teddy Bear Gaming Miniature painted by Nick Davis

Tristan the Teddy Bear Gaming Miniature painted by Nick Davis

Tristan the Teddy Bear Gaming Miniature is the first Toy Soldier I’ve painted for over four years. I believe the last miniature I painted was a Games Workshop Sam Gamgee to complete my Fellowship of the Ring set for the LOTR Strategy Game… Since then, my eyes have got a little older and the majority of my miniature painting gear has well… Disappeared. Continue reading

The Death Of White Dwarf Magazine? I Guess All Good Things End

White Dwarf 223

I am pretty certain the White Dwarf I started working on had a Lizardman on it

I know I’m really out of the loop on this, but I’ve recently learned that White Dwarf Magazine, the long-lived and storied Games Workshop in-house hobby magazine had seen its last days of publication. Continue reading

Found in the Archive – GW The Lord of the Rings Miniatures Arwen and Elrond

The Lord of the Rings - Arwen & ElrondStill going through my miniature archive and I came across this pair of Games Workshop The Lord of the Rings Miniatures, Arwen Evenstar and her father Elrond Half-Elven in his Last Alliance of Elves and Men attire. I had to post them because they were the first LOTR miniatures I painted.

Arwen was painted using Midnight Blue and Skull White for the robes, using both colors mixed in various ways to shade and highlight. Elrond was the first time I attempted to make golden armor more shiny. I painted the armor areas first with Mithril Silver, then with Shining Gold, washed with a light Chestnut Brown and drybrushed with Burnished Gold. Nice miniatures, very detailed would you believe they are only 25mm (One inch) tall.

Another interesting piece of trivia. All The Lord of the Rings miniatures produced by Games Workshop had to be approved by Peter Jackson’s production company, and the actor it represented. Arwen’s miniature kept being returned with supposed note from Liv Tyler saying make it prettier.