Living in the days of future now with Valkyrie One a Prototype NASA ‘Super’ Robot Astronaut

Valkyrie One NASA Prototype Robot AstronautWhen I was a child reading the Ro-Busters in Tornado and continuing their adventures in 2000AD I never thought we would see the days that such practical humanoid robots would start to appear. Meet Valkyrie One, a prototype NASA Super Robot, modular, independent motion and with a high degree of mobility. Continue reading

Atlas, the Robot that now walk’s amongst us… Science fiction is fast becoming fact!

atlasx299Meet Atlas,  a biped free-standing environment aware rescue robot able to move around his surroundings and manipulate them. It is finally here the true dawning of an age I thought I would never see. Atlas is going to be the Grandfather of the Robots we read about in Isaac Asimov’s I, Robot or in 2000AD ABC Warriors, watched as Cylons on TV or as the friendly Androids in Star Wars. Continue reading

So where are we now?

Me and my Kids on Fathers Day

Me and my Kids on Fathers Day

Been a couple of weeks since I last posted to my blog. I’ve used this time to collectively get my breath, write, draw and generally just take a little break from the exhausting Kickstarter campaign that was the Teddy Bear Tales new comic book – Tristan & the Cuddly Defenders. I am also getting ready for a brand new job and what looks like a new chapter in my life. Continue reading